A Quick Guide to Pesticide Residue in Food

18 July 2023
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Are you concerned about the levels of pesticide residue that may exist in your everyday foods? Here's a quick guide to the situation regarding pesticide residue in Australia to set your mind at rest. ABOUT THE CHEMICALS IN FOOD Chemical additives such as pesticides and hormones are used in agriculture to increase output, decrease food waste, and guarantee a sufficient supply of food. However, the residues of these chemicals can be a health hazard if consumed in significant quantities Read More …

Does Buying Domestic Almonds Really Matter?

10 August 2022
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When you buy almonds, chances are you do not look at the label to see where they were grown. You might want to start; Australian-grown almonds are becoming a major crop, and Australia has become a significant player in the worldwide almond market. With a growing supply sending more bags of domestic almonds to shops, buying Australian almonds has more benefits than you might realise. Environmental Benefits In the past, especially in California, there have been disputes over the necessity of growing almonds, which tend to be a thirsty crop that drinks up water supplies. Read More …

Allergen Testing for Cross-Contamination

16 September 2021
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Processed food gets a bad rap sometimes, but in reality, most food you eat is processed to some extent. A package of apple slices bought at a supermarket might seem like a good non-processed snack, but the very act of cutting the apple into slices is itself a form of processing. Many processed foods obviously go through more processing than just slicing, and as they are processed, they could be exposed to minute amounts of other foods that aren't supposed to be in there. Read More …

Essential Things to Know If You Are Planning To Rear Angus Cattle

8 January 2019
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If you are looking to venture into cattle farming, the first thing that you need to do is identify the best breed of livestock to rear. In Australia, most discerning farmers will lean toward Angus cattle, as this breed is renowned for its resilience and reliability. Nonetheless, once you decide to look at Angus livestock for sale, it is judicious to know how best to care for your cattle or else your herd will begin to succumb to health problems due to clumsy handling. Read More …

Three Essential Tips for Building a Septic System for Your Farm

30 June 2018
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Septic systems are ideal for managing domestic wastewater in farms that don't have access to public sewers. In general, this treatment setup will allow for the breakdown of the dangerous waste produced in the household. After breakdown, the harmless effluent can be released without contaminating the agricultural operation. The solids will need to be pumped out periodically. Under ideal circumstances, your septic system will provide long-term service. However, if the setup is not installed correctly, you might be burdened by premature failure and costly repairs. Read More …