Does Buying Domestic Almonds Really Matter?

Does Buying Domestic Almonds Really Matter?

10 August 2022
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When you buy almonds, chances are you do not look at the label to see where they were grown. You might want to start; Australian-grown almonds are becoming a major crop, and Australia has become a significant player in the worldwide almond market. With a growing supply sending more bags of domestic almonds to shops, buying Australian almonds has more benefits than you might realise.

Environmental Benefits

In the past, especially in California, there have been disputes over the necessity of growing almonds, which tend to be a thirsty crop that drinks up water supplies. Australian-grown almonds do also require water. However, the trees themselves are excellent at capturing carbon dioxide, a process that helps preserve the environment, and they may be so good at capturing carbon that this outweighs their need for water. Given that Australia experiences the effects of climate change already, this ability to grab more carbon dioxide out of the air is extremely beneficial. By buying the almonds from these crops, you're helping keep these orchards in business and helping keep the trees in place.

Supporting Australian Employment and Business

The money you spend on Australian almonds goes to businesses here in Australia and then to the employees of those businesses. You're not sending a lot of money out to another country. That helps the Australian economy and shows that people do like and want Australian almonds instead of imports. There's nothing wrong with occasionally getting something grown overseas, of course, but the almonds grown in Australia are easier to get and much more affordable because they travel less of a distance to stores.

Available When Other Almonds Aren't

Almonds last a long time, so once a bunch of almonds are harvested and bagged in California, for example, those almonds can stay good on Australian shelves for several months. But if you want fresh almonds in fall and winter, Australian-grown almonds are ready for eating. Almonds have a shelf-life like any fresh food, making imported almonds less tasty and giving them less of a desirable texture once fall and winter arrive in Australia. Australian-grown almonds are ready to hit the shelves in stores right at that point, giving consumers a fresh batch that's just perfect for fall baking and snacking.

Almonds grown in Australia are easy to find, and the industry is growing by leaps and bounds. If you want fresh, tasty, nutritious almonds, look no further than domestic Australian almonds.

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