3 Useful Tips Newbie Wholesale Nursery Buyers Should Know

3 Useful Tips Newbie Wholesale Nursery Buyers Should Know

28 June 2018
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Moving into a new home, especially one that has an open lawn has its fair share of work. First, the travelling and settling in can take several days, and it is physically exhausting. The hassle of moving, therefore, can make tending to the lawn an afterthought for many people. It is easy to make mistakes when purchasing a nursery while moving houses. Notably, homeowners are advised to buy from wholesale nurseries instead of purchasing individual plants because doing so saves time and energy. However, if it is your first time purchasing nursery plants on wholesale, then you must understand a few essentials. This article highlights essential aspects in this regard. 

Ask for the Nursery's Layout -- When shopping at a wholesale nursery, you should know where the big trees are located, where the shrubs are being tended to, and even areas that are considered off-limits to buyers. If you are lucky enough, a nursery will have a map of the entire area to give customers an easy time finding the right vegetation. Nonetheless, it is advisable to get additional information from the nursery attendants since they know the place best. If possible, ask for a map brochure because most nurseries have them. Asking for a nursery's layout is the first step towards a smooth and less tiring shopping experience.

Examine Plants Thoroughly -- When buying wholesale nursery plants, it is vital to understand that the quality of plants you get will matter. Therefore, it is critical to be careful when selecting plants in a wholesale nursery so that you only pick healthy and thriving vegetation. If you find weeds on plants you want to buy, pluck them away or risk messing up your lawn with weed infestation. Ultimately, make sure that the plants are in excellent condition because your wholesalers might have a policy of not accepting returns. 

Drive Around -- If you have been buying your nursery plants on retail, the chances are that all you did was make an order and had the plants delivered. If you went to a nursery, then you probably walked to your plants of choice. Unlike retail purchase, buying your plants on wholesale is an entirely hands-on experience, which means that you might have to drive around to land a good buy. By doing sufficient window shopping, you might even come across unique and exotic plants that you never thought would do well in your area.